In Need of Asphalt Maintenance and Resurfacing at the Right Cost? Choose Allens Asphalt for Your Next Repair

Having your own driveway in front of your home is a simple addition, but it’s one that can add a whole new level of convenience to your daily life. With a dedicated space to park your car off-street, it can complete the “kerb appeal” you’ve tried to create for your home. Over time and with the effects of the Australian climate acting on your drive, it can eventually wear down and suffer from cracks, fissures, or even the development of potholes. Not only does that make it more difficult to park your vehicles at home safely, but it also detracts from the visual appeal the drive brings to the property.

At Allens Asphalt, we bring our experience and access to excellent resources to bear for our clients who need asphalt resurfacing at home or a place of business. Backed up by Boral, among the largest construction firms in the country, our team can leverage extensive capabilities and understanding to conduct even a challenging asphalt repair. These resources also allow us to resolve resurfacing and maintenance jobs for our clients quickly. Whether you need a car park repaired or a private drive resurfaced back to its former beautiful state, we can help. How does it work?

Our process for undertaking asphalt maintenance

First, reach out to our team when you know you need help with a repair job. Describe the problem and help us understand what to expect by estimating the size of the hole or surface area that needs work. We’ll discuss the potential requirements with you and then arrange to send some of our professionals to the site at no charge to you.

Next, our crew inspects the damage and gathers some important data. Afterward, they will work up an accurate quote to allow you to develop a sense of the repair cost. We’ll be sure to return this quote to you on the day of the inspection. If our quote is acceptable to you, just let us know — we’ll set a time and date to arrive and carry out the maintenance you’ve requested at the agreed-upon cost. It’s that simple and stress-free; we’ll ensure that the repair we leave behind is strong enough to last.

Get in touch with our leading team today

We might not often think of asphalt maintenance as an essential component of maintaining a home, but for those with bitumen-based driveways, resurfacing is worth considering from time to time. With the process described above, obtaining the repair service you need is hassle-free. We can also conduct maintenance on nearby footpaths as necessary — or undertake some preventative upkeep if you want to head off the potential for any future repairs. Let us know how we can help you when you call for service.

Questions about what an asphalt repair will cost? Ready to arrange a visit from our professionals? Check out our contact page, or learn more about the areas we service.