In Need of Asphalt Road or Street Repair? Call a Patch Company with the Resources to Fix It Right the First Time

Is the street in front of your home or business deteriorating? Between potholes, cracks and kerb damage, roads and streets show every bit of abuse they take over time. While slight cracks or holes might not seem like much of a problem at first, they will surely grow into large cracks and holes over time. If you live or work on a public road, a public works team will hopefully attend to the situation sooner rather than later. If you live or work on a private road, though, the repairs are up to you. The question is, who can you call for dependable asphalt road repair?

Allens Asphalt Repairs: Bringing Considerable Resources and Experience to Every Road Patch Repair Project

If you need a street patch repair, give us a call at Allens Asphalt Repairs. We have a vast amount of experience with asphalt repairs of all types, from crack repairs to pothole patching to trench reinstatement. Whether you are dealing with small cracks or huge potholes, we can help you rectify the issue quickly.

While we operate as a small business, with a strong focus on customer service and client relationships, we are also a 100% owned subsidiary of Boral Ltd. Boral, of course, is one of Australia’s largest construction companies. Our connection to Boral means we have access to a vast supply of resources and industry knowledge.

We harness these resources to give our clients the best services possible. If you need an asphalt road repair, we will use our connections at Boral to get the best equipment and the best materials for the job. This constant access to the highest quality resources means that we are consistently delivering premium quality repairs. Said another way, we make sure that your road or street is fixed right the first time so that you don’t end up dealing with the same problem again six months down the road.

Unfortunately, there is no way to design crack-proof asphalt. Between Australia’s harsh elements and the fact that your road is repeatedly being driven on by very heavy vehicles, cracks and potholes are inevitable. However, with a high-quality asphalt mix and a strong seal on the surface, it’s possible to stave off asphalt damage for longer. We try to achieve this type of high quality fix with every street patch repair we do at Allens Asphalt Repairs.

Avoid Bigger Problems in Future by Calling Allens Asphalt Today

If you notice cracks or potholes starting to form in your street, pick up the phone and call Allens Asphalt. While you could wait to fix the issue, doing so will just lead to bigger problems and more costly damage further on down the road (pun intended). Fixing the damaged pavement now will mean less damage to your vehicle, safer roads, and more economical repairs.

Are you interested in working with Allens Asphalt for your road patch repair? Call us on 1-855-627-6350 to learn what we can do to help.