Allens Asphalt Provides Bitumen Driveways and Driveway Repairs in Brisbane

If you have cracks and potholes forming, don’t delay calling Allens Asphalt for help, because potholes only get bigger, and driveway repairs will consequently become more extensive and expensive. Our team is knowledgeable and will provide quality bitumen repairs throughout the Brisbane area.

Why Does Driveway Damage Occur?

The number one enemy of your driveway is the weather—including extreme temperatures and heavy rain. Your bitumen driveway and roadbed will expand and contract as the temperature goes up and down. Over time the expansion and contraction can create cracks. If you don’t fix the cracks they can get larger and turn into potholes.

When it rains, water will seep into the cracks and find its way under your driveway. Driving over the wet cracks creates pressure which pushes on the water and causes it to act as a hydraulic press. The water will push up sections of the driveway forming more cracks. Chunks of the asphalt can lift out, and you have the start of a pothole.

Once your driveway has a hole it doesn’t take much for it to get bigger because every time you drive over the hole, more asphalt will chip off the sides. If the hole is deep enough to reach the rock and sand roadbed, you will splash mud, sand, and rocks out of the hole making it grow deeper quickly. Poorly drained water can wash out roadbeds if it’s allowed to flow along the side causing the edges of your driveway collapse as well. As you can see it will save you money to have bitumen driveway repairs done before more damage occurs.

Bitumen Driveway Repairs in Brisbane

The most economical option is to stop the damage before it occurs. Bitumen seals driveways so regular maintenance with a layer of bitumen will help prevent small cracks from getting larger because water can’t get under the asphalt. We can seal it every few years which also give it a dark uniform like-new look. We invite you to read more about our bitumen sealing services.

If the cracks are a bit wider and deeper, we can focus on bitumen repairs to fill them before sealing the whole entranceway. Potholes require asphalt patching with either cold or hot mix asphalt. Cold patch is quicker and less expensive, but the driveway repairs won’t last as long as hot mix asphalt. Hot mix asphalt requires a bit of excavation, but it seals the pothole better, so it lasts longer.

You can trust that we will provide quality bitumen driveways and driveway repairs because we are passionate about staying on the cutting-edge in the industry. We keep our equipment upgraded with the latest technology, and our skilled team stays current on the newest techniques in asphalt.

If you have any questions about bitumen driveways or driveway repairs in Brisbane, contact Allens Asphalt. Our experienced staff can help determine the best way to keep you driving on a smooth and intact driveway.