Looking for Asphalt Contractors for Your Driveway? Where to Find Paving Companies in Brisbane

When you need to install a driveway for your home or business, you may think of concrete and pavers first. However, you may just want to take a second look at asphalt contractors in Brisbane. Asphalt offers several benefits other materials can’t, so here are some excellent reasons to consider asphalt when you’re choosing paving contractors in Brisbane.

Quick construction and immediate use

When you install a concrete driveway, you’ll have a waiting period of about a week before you can use it. If you choose asphalt instead, you’ll be able to drive on it almost instantly. The process of installing an asphalt driveway itself is a fast one, generally taking only about a day or two – and that includes any necessary site preparation. That means the entire process is much quicker than having a concrete driveway installed, interrupting your life as little as possible so you can get back to your regular schedule quickly. After all, you don’t want your entire property inaccessible by vehicles for a week while the concrete sets. If you need it done fast, asphalt is the way to go! Here are a few other advantages:


Asphalt companies in Brisbane typically charge significantly less than concrete installers, making asphalt a highly cost-effective choice. Particularly if your driveway is long, asphalt can be a more affordable option than concrete or pavers. That’s because asphalt driveways are faster and less labour-intensive to install. In most cases, asphalt driveways cost much less than their concrete counterparts.


Asphalt driveways can last for decades. Concrete is also extremely durable, but it is more likely to require resurfacing or other costly repairs over the years. Asphalt is typically less likely to become damaged – but if it does, repairs are much easier than they are with concrete. Asphalt can expand and contract in the heat and cold without cracking, making it more flexible and protecting itself from erosion underneath.

Oil leaks: less of a problem

Sooner or later, a vehicle will leak oil onto your driveway. The light colour of concrete means the stain will visibly stand out. Because asphalt is a darker, oil-based material, it won’t show oil leaks as much. That means that your asphalt driveway will not only last longer than concrete with less maintenance, but it will also look better.

Skid resistance

Especially if your driveway is steep, constructing it from smooth concrete won’t offer much in the way of skid resistance. Asphalt is the clear winner when it comes to making sure your driveway isn’t too slippery when wet. On rainy days, concrete can become much more slippery, but asphalt won’t.

Where to find driveway contractors in Brisbane

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