Choose Experience & Prompt Service When You Need a Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

For the average person, fixtures such as roads, driveways, car parks and other asphalt installations can seem permanent and unchanging. After all, they’re always there, and it is easy to overlook repairs when you never have the opportunity to see them in progress. In reality, though, as durable as asphalt is, it still degrades over time from wear and tear. A variety of factors, such as underlying moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, and other influences will cause defects to manifest. This could be a simple crack, but in other cases, a portion of the surface will collapse into a pothole.

Don’t panic — this can be an easy fix, even if you need a repair conducted relatively quickly. For holes and damage that are not too large, a cold asphalt repair could be just what you need. At Allens Asphalt, we’re happy to provide a straightforward service involving an assessment of the damage to recommend the right fix. Cold mix application is just one of the many services we provide to our customers from the Gold Coast and Brisbane to Gympie.

What are some the specific advantages to requesting cold patch asphalt repair? Take a quick look at when this is the right service for your needs.

When you should opt for a cold patch asphalt repair

When a repair is necessary to restore safe access to an asphalt surface straightaway, a cold patch repair job is often the best choice. This is because it’s simple to apply quickly and, in most cases, can immediately support a typical load. This type of repair is also a smart choice when temperatures are lower than usual, as it remains easy to apply and will not immediately re-expose the damage when temperatures increase again. Overall, cold asphalt is a smart idea for small repairs, immediate needs, and other similar jobs.

However, it is important to note that cold patch is not typically a long-term solution especially in high-traffic areas. Continual stresses could ultimately cause the redevelopment of the initial damage. Therefore, it is often a good idea to use a cold repair temporarily until you can arrange for a more thorough solution, typically using warm or hot asphalt instead. Our team can confer with you to determine the ideal path.

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With these things in mind, an Allens Asphalt crew member can help to assess whether a cold patch repair is an appropriate option for the task at hand. If it isn’t, we will suggest an alternative service and provide a quote along those lines. Otherwise, we merely require your approval of the quote to proceed; there is never any obligation to make that choice. Instead, we hope to have the opportunity to use our skills and technical backing to deliver an effective fix for asphalt damage, no matter the circumstances. Learn about how our service process works, view our available areas of service or contact the team now.