Solve Damage for Good with a Hot Patch Repair Provided by Allens Asphalt

Few things are as frustrating as a stubborn problem that resists your repair efforts. When a problem frequently reoccurs over time, it won’t take long before you feel that you’re at the end of your rope. Are you currently contending with a very stubborn asphalt problem? Perhaps your driveway continues to suffer from persistent cracks, or maybe there is a pothole nearby that re-opens every time there is a day of heavy rain. Are you tired of trying to find solutions on your own? At Allens Asphalt, we can use our experience and equipment to help solve your problem once and for all.

For some types of damage, the best long-term solution is to conduct a hot asphalt repair. This is in contrast to a “cold mix” product, which does not require any real heating or special treatment before application. One can apply a cold patch relatively quickly, but it is often more of a short-term solution. Hot patch asphalt, which is functionally similar to laying down brand new tar, offers a more robust repair solution. It does require a proven application process, though, and that is why we are happy to help customers in need of this type of repair. Take a moment to learn about when and why you should opt for a hot patch.

The long-term advantages of a hot asphalt repair

The main benefit to this repair method is that it provides an incredibly long-lasting repair; because it is like a new surface, you can trust it will last through many cycles of thermal expansion and even with constant heavy loads. Hot patches are also easier to use for large surface areas; contrast this with cold patch, which works best in smaller areas and holes.

However, hot asphalt does require more time to cure and does require a more intensive process overall than a cold patch. We typically apply the latter for same-day use, whereas hot asphalt requires time to cool down and fully cure before it is safe for vehicles or foot traffic. During our initial visit to your location, we can determine based on the circumstances if this is the right repair method for you.

Let us take care of your pavement problems today

A hot asphalt repair is one of the best ways to tackle severe damage, to refresh and renew old surfaces, and to ensure that the area in question can continue to support heavy use for years to come. Allens Asphalt does not just field a highly trained and knowledgeable crew to conduct these repairs, but we also enjoy the backing of Boral, a major construction firm. This allows us access to all the latest tools and equipment necessary for completing your requested repair job. We know that every situation will be different from the last, and this backing allows us to adapt and offer a highly-personalised service for each client.

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