Dealing with Potholes in Your Parking Lot? Call Allens Asphalt Repairs for Asphalt Filler and Pothole Repair

Offering customers or clients a free place to park is a great thing for a business to do. Free parking makes your business more welcoming and accessible, and significantly reduces the stress of going there. Your employees will appreciate the gesture, too. Simply put, no one likes to pay fees for a parking garage or take their chances on limited street parking. Unfortunately, when you have a private lot, you have to worry about something that businesses without proprietary parking don’t: asphalt pothole repair.

Why Potholes Occur

Potholes are an unavoidable reality with asphalt surfaces. As water seeps into the asphalt, it loosens the soil underneath. Combine this factor with the constant burden of cars and trucks that asphalt roads and parking lots are expected to bear, and the soil starts to erode. With the soil no longer there to provide a solid foundation, the asphalt deteriorates and falls apart. The result is a hole in the asphalt, usually referred to as a pothole.

Of course, if there is cold weather or snow, the pothole problem becomes even more pronounced. You still have the problem of water seeping into the asphalt and the soil beneath, but you also have the added issue of below-freezing temperatures. As water freezes, it expands. When this process happens in asphalt—or beneath it—the tar weakens and cracks. As a result, the formation of potholes occurs even quicker in cold weather.

You can invest in semi-regular pothole and asphalt repairs to maintain your parking lot and prevent the formation of large potholes. However, many businesses with parking lots neglect maintenance of their lots, simply because asphalt hole repair costs money. It’s all too easy to make the ‘I have other places I need to spend my cash’ excuse.

Why You Need to Hire an Asphalt Pothole Filler Sooner Rather Than Later

Here’s the thing: your business is always going to have expenses that seem more pressing than asphalt pothole repair. Maybe you need a new piece of equipment or want to renovate your building to make better use of your space. Next to these undertakings, paying for an asphalt pothole patch can seem like a comparatively small fish to fry.

However, leaving potholes to grow unchecked in your parking lot can quickly turn the area from a customer perk into a source of significant liability. What if a customer trips in a pothole and gets hurt? Or what if an employee’s car gets damaged because of a massive pothole in your lot? Your business could potentially be held liable for either of these incidents. Compared to the potential liability and legal expenses, the cost of fixing the pothole early on is nothing.

Don’t let a pothole linger until it starts to cause problems. Instead, call Allens Asphalt Repairs for pothole and asphalt repairs today. We are happy to help you restore your company parking lot to superb condition. Let’s schedule your asphalt hole repair today.