Protect Your Visitors with Pothole Patch Repairs and Hole Filler Solutions from Allens Asphalt

As a business owner, you spend each day consumed by completing all the many tasks set out for you on your schedule… and plenty of issues that come up unexpectedly, too! From arranging calls with clients to interviewing new hires and perhaps even making plans for the future, you have much to think about each day. So, when was the last time you thought about your car park?

It’s not a non-sequitur — in fact, it’s an important consideration. Whether you frequently bring clients into the office or you operate a business that relies on customers coming to you, providing excellent parking is an essential part of your operations. Over time, though, your car park could develop a troublesome pot hole or two, or even more. Potholes are not just an unsightly drawback to your premises; they can also pose a risk to your visitors. Someone could trip and fall, or in the more likely scenario, someone driving over a particularly deep hole could damage their car.

So, what should you do? At Allens Asphalt, we’re happy to provide you with quick and reliable pothole solutions. From a simple patch job to more extensive pot hole repairs, our professional crew can tackle the task and leave behind a car park free from damage for your business’s patrons to continue using.

Your trusted source for pot hole repairs

We understand that you may need a speedy answer about what it will take to repair the holes in your asphalt surfaces. As a result, we work quickly to conduct an on-site assessment of your problem to return a quote on the very same day. This way, we can equip our clients with all the information necessary to make a smart decision about how to move forward. Once you choose to engage our services, we deliver high-value pothole solutions, using only the right kind of filler for the job at hand.

The result: a surface that’s as good as new, with no sign of the troublesome damage that existed before. Now you can return to inviting customers into your car park without concern for unintentional damage to their vehicles, or the risk of personal injury. As a wholly owned subsidiary of major construction firm Boral, we are well-positioned to respond to your needs.

Experience backed by a leading company

Through prompt response times and the availability of same-day quotes, Allens Asphalt makes quick work of any pothole patch job that you need. With service available across the entire Greater Brisbane area, you can always count on our professional crews to get the job finished on time. We’re always working to be better for our customers, too, by learning about and incorporating the latest technologies and techniques as they become available.

Need to contact us to arrange for a quote, or have questions about pothole filler or our related services? Call our offices on 1800 065 865, Monday to Friday, to speak with a friendly team member.